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Just bought a mid 80s chevy k30 crewcab 4wd to take the flatbed off so it comes with no bed. Its got a jasper 350 sm465 4 spd np205 tcase dana 60 front 14b rear. Its supposed to have 456s. Ill check friday when it gets here. Comes with an extra 14b. The truck has had new springs put on it from point spring about 5 yrs ago. Tires are good. It has a pto that has a shaft going towards the front. Used to have a winch on it according to the PO. Cab has typical chevy rust. It needs a slave cylinder. Be good for a tow rig with some body work or good for a drivetrain swap. Ill get pics up when the truck gets here.

$1200 firm. Im located in north central wv.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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