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Haven't been able to find a specific answer to this question
Just a little context to my situation.
I am swapping a 1992 tbi 5.7 out of a k1500, stick shift 5 speed truck, into an 89 yj.
The Yj will also have the nv3500 in it from the same truck.
My dilemma is that when the harness was removed from the donor truck the harness was cut off right at the cab.
I’m slowly realizing that all the important stuff, ecm (pcm?) etc. was inside the cab which is now long gone.
I want to rework an old harness to run the tbi engine for monetary reasons only. (don’t have the loot for a holley sniper efi yet)
Anyway MAIN QUESTION, can I use a harness from a tbi 5.7 truck that had an automatic? Or will it not run right?
Is a 7747 ECM (PCM?) what I should be looking for to pair with the harness if it doesn’t have it?

And not sure if this matters or not, but this rig is mostly going to be offroad and I’m not too concerned with gauges or the speedometer or anything else of that nature.
I just want it to run the way GM intended, nothing more.
Thank you!
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