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95 Black Jeep Wrangler W/ Hard Top 3K! Chicago Burbs

4 Cylender 2.5 liter
125,000 Miles Strong running (no problems with motor)

I am just looking to break even on this and 3K is what I owe. I don't have any room for negotiating and the jeep is running great. I will try to get a picture up here but it is pretty much a stock black jeep. Here is the description.

Mods (if you want to call them that)

-31x10.5 Tires (have about 10K left in the fronts and 20K left in rears)
-Black rims
-Leaf Spring Shackle extensions (1-2" cheap mans lift)
-Off road lights mounted center bumber

Body Condition

-No accidents ever
-2 small dimple dents (1 on hood and 1 on left fender... very small)
-Small amount of surface rust on antenna mount, winshield brackets, rear tailgate seam.
-Carpet is old and I would replace it if I were keeping it.
-Front left seat has a rip in it.
-Center councel has tear in padding

Mechanical Condition

-Just had Cat and back done last year (small leak in down pipe but tick goes away after it warms up. it's common with 4cyl jeeps)
-Breaks and Break booster/master cyl just replaced(rotors shoes pads drums)
-Replaced fuel pump, starter.
-Rear sway bar mount is cracked and needs to be replaces or sway bar removed (I don't have time to go junk yard diving for a new rear axle housing or time to go cut the mount off of one)

Thats about it. The only real problem is the sway bar mount on the rear axle and From what I know a lot of people take the damn thing out if they want to turn it into an off road monster anyway. I also have an extra 4cyl motor if you want to have it I will throw it in for free. Let me know what you guys think... I feel it's a fare price and I will try to get pictures up soon, but I have pretty much listed everything.

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Interested, please pm me with the time and date in which i may see it.

thanks Tim
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