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Chimney peak / Long valley loop info needed.

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Looking for some current info on the Long valley / Chimney peak loop off of canebreak road between hwy 178 and Nine mile canyon rd. Planning on taking the family on a little road trip / camping trip next month, and just found out from the BLM that the north end of the loop is closed due to a road washout. I have two questions, is there a go around that isnt too gnarly from the loop to nine mile / kennedy meadows? Or will I have to turn around and go back to canebreak to get to kennedy meadows? I will be in a fairly stock 4runner (small lift, rear detroit, rock sliders) with the wife and young kids with no other vehicles. So I kind of want to stick to fairly easy dirt roads.

My other question is: There is a road shown on google earth that goes from the westernmost end of the loop down to the South Fork Kern River. Anybody been down it recently? Like I said I will not have another vehicle with me and would rather just bypass the loop if I cannot get down to the SF kern with relative ease. This is where I would like to camp the first night.

Any info or alternatives for this area are extremely appreciated. If if makes any difference I will be entering through walker pass from hwy 14, eventual destination is monache meadows, then down nine mile and further north up hwy 395. THANK YOU!

The road to the SF Kern shown on google earth takes off just below (south) of where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the loop.
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Bump for you. Damn, I haven't been up there in over 20 years. We used to hunt that are all the time. My dad worked as a hunting guide at Kennedy many decades ago and did logging in the off season up there. He cut most, if not all the roads up there back in is day. I used to know the area very well from all this but have since forgotten. I do remember you can get to Monache from the Kernville side by taking Sherman Pass Rd. (rt turn after passing the Johnsondale bridge) and this will take you up to Kennedy Meadows and left from there to get to Monache. Not sure if this helps or not, been a long time since I've been there.
Thanks. Yes Canbrake rd goes through to Kennedy meadows, as well as Sherman pass rd. I am just trying to find out if I can A: get down to the south fork Kern from the long valley loop rd, and B: can I get through to Kennedy meadows from the Long valley Loop rd. I know I can double back but there is no gas up there and I dont want to carry any extra if I can help it.

I talked to the Kernville ranger station yesterday, only info they had is that the road is closed somewhere, lol. They also informed me that Black rock ranger station is closed. I am going to call the Bakersfield BLM office tomorrow and see if I can get any info. If I do I will post it up here, because I cant find a damn thing with Google!

Also, two of my maps show a ranger station IN Monache meadows, just north of Monache mt. Can anybody confirm this?
The only times I've been in that area I was on foot at the Mountain Warfare Training Center. I wish I could go with you on this trip. Then we could have the security of two rigs.

Good luck
Talked to BLM today. No new info. All they can tell me is that the road is closed somewhere north of Long Valley Campground. No go-around that they are aware of.
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