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Picked the truck up End of October begin of November 2009, drove it and wheeled it for what it was worth stock up till xmas holidays then went to work right till the first day back at work BLehhhhhhh

The below i started to post for someone on the chevy 63 " rears sticky.
I know when i was looking into doing mine i wanted as much info as possible.

My build pictures from IFS to SAS and loads more coming...
I picked up a Used set of allpros - cheap but had a harsh arc in them! Had no idea what i was going to get in the end lift.
Kept 2 for the front and then found a set of used 63" rears for 24 beers off a local guy.
They came with all bolts looked somewhat arced and not to bad came. The fronts laying next to the chevy rears looked darn close on the floor.
Pictures are good turned out well for a wing it lift kit didn't do 2 badly.
Only shitty thing was everything was closed in this time of me doing this swap and i ran out of cutting torch gas's twice... Borrowed a bottle from my boss which had under 3 minutes left.....
Didn't have any help all by myself and well i still have to clean parts of the frame from IFS chop but its a DD now. Just little things to do.
Since i was at the shop doing the IFS cut - cleaning and a whole pile more to the truck / under a limited time over xmas i had no time to run home to the computer to look things up...
Which i really wanted to but this thing had to drive out b4 the days off were done!

I remembered reading on a thread somewhere someone moving 10 or 11" forwards from stock hanger. So i picked a number and started playing.
I haven't yet moved the rear toy hanger back yet and want to still change the shackle plates to longer ones so when a load is in the truck it sits just off but more than the front (I think you guys no what i mean)...
My "tempo" hanger was just a block of 3.5X3.5 thick a$$ gauge square.
I wasn't sure if i was going to like these 63's so i wasn't going the real deal just yet more tempo for the time being.

Anyways pictures and results of the 63's after being driven on....

B4 (2 months b4 the work started)

During xmas

AFter xmas days off with smittybilt. First day out the shop door running!

1 month old daily driver with the tg tube bumper up front now - got real lazy

RESULTS after driving without shocks just leafs. And now with rear shocks..
The 63" rears i love them... They ride like sick- cadillac..
They twist nicely & once i get proper bumpstops in i can really play off road.
I had to use 2.5 blocks in the back to meet up with the front lift.
Considering it was a wing it lift (didn't know what i was getting) it turned out pretty darn good.
Running 37X12.5X15 mtr's hanger is 1" drop 1" forwards no cutting of the fenders or cab yet...
Will be doing a different set of tires later on and look into removing the 2.5 add a blocks later to lower the truck.... Way later
Will be adding a better chevy hanger for sure i like these rears a lot.......:smokin:

OH and BTW the final images (after) are the chevy 63 rears on 2.5 blocks with 10" moved from center of old toy hanger? Pretty sure.
And a 6 Inch shackle from tg (what they use up front out of IFS kits) with the spacers cut down to fit the leaf into the shackle properly.
Again the rear toy hanger needs to be moved back from the stock one something like 4 inchs and i just puchased some new ones as well debating doing a rear flatdeck type thing with exo cage to be...
So i want to address the rear frame/ cutting and boxing / making proper upper shock towers and much more.. So i am waiting otherwise truck rides good. If you thinking about it i wouldNOT even think about it just do it. Anyways you look at it if you are doing new leafs in the back you have to cut the rear toy hanger so why not cut and do everything. Worth the money and kinda cool mod for a toy truck!
Hope this helps i will be doing loads to this over part of the summer while im on my bike. V8 soon + exo + new paint + Possible rear reworking looking @ tubed decks right now. This is my daily driver in the vanshitty months.

Again hope this helps someone else out debating on 63 rears DO IT........

Its all about driving everything with a cage on it......ROFL ^


OTT histeer
4:56 v6 thirds
fresh rebuilt frontaxle
85 axle
37X12.5X15 mtrs
1991 toyota xtracab with loads more to do..

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That's 11:45, are you kidding me?
lol you stunt?

I just sold the 2006 600 RR for a Gsxr 2007.
I hear the gixxers like to break in half in the frame real nice......
Looking forwards to wrenching for my lifetime:shaking:
That is and was really far back i scraped the pipe and then rode back out of that picture session. The RR is a fun bike it takes a little getting used to but i loved it. I think i am going to miss that one this year.

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