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Chromolys and superjoints or ctms is going to run you in the ballpark of $750 to $900 and the axles are still not even close to the strength of a stock D60. JP magazine did an axle test in their November issue and heres what they said.....
1: A stock D44 axle broke at 35* of twist and 3500 ft.lb
2: A 4340 chromoly hardened shaft broke @ 35* of twist and 4500 ft.lb
3: A 35 spline D60 shaft broke @ 30* twist and 8100 ft.lb
4: A 4340 chromoly D60 shaft broke @ 130* twist and 10,500 ft. lbs

As you can see there is a huge margine there between a chromoly D44 shaft and a 35 spline non chromo D60 shaft. You can probably look around and pick up a D60 for $800 if your real lucky but more like about $1200, I have had the D44 Chromolys and broke 7 stubs in 6 months and 2inners, I just pulled my stuff out and putting toploaders(because they are cheaper than a D60 aroud here) so it's your choice but I would put something stronger and not put much money in the D44.

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