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Ricktard said:
I am working on a buddies '74-CJ-5 it has D30 front,D44rear 304V8, T15 I believe, and a Dana20t-case.. I have a set of 2.5"Lift SUA springs for a CJ-7. I want to leave it SUA, Does anyone make hangers ect..to do something like this or will everything be custom. I can do either just looking at options before I start.
I coverted my CJ5 springs over to CJ7's a few years ago. However, when I did mine, I also did a shackle reversal (Warrior produced) and the front hangers were part of that kit. As for the rears I just bought shackle mounts for a 78 CJ7, measured according to the spacing difference and welded them into the new location.

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