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It worked fine about 2 weeks ago, but then suddenly started to do weird things. I noticed it one day when I got in the jeep and the tach didnt move from 0. I thought "Oh great, I fried the tach!" Well after about 2 minutes of driving it started working. I'm not sure what would cause this but I'm assuming it has something to do with my TFI uprgade. Well it did this lag thing for a few weeks, and then just recently...probably in the last couple days...it just stopped working all together.

Is there something I should look for? Do I have something connected wrong with the TFI? I know about the nutter bypass but I didnt do it to the jeep; Should I have done it along with the distributor body upgrade and TFI coil? Could this be a ignition module problem? My truck runs and drives fine, the tach just doesn't work anymore. I would like to get this fixed before sunday since I'm going wheeling with some buds.

Like always, your help is appreciated.

and all the smart-asses can bring on the shit talk! :flipoff2:
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