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Class V Hitch

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Well, since I ripped my last hitch apart...

...I'm looking to replace it. I just don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling about welding this one back together. Time for a new one... at least Class IV, considering the occasional heavy loads i drop on the ball. Class V just ain't that much more for cost.
* Reese/Drawtite (apparently these companies are in bed?) has their Titan hitch, which I can't find for less than $200. Etrailer and a bunch of other retailers carry it... just none cheaply.
* Hidden Hitch has their Magnum line for $184.95:
* Southwest Wheel retails a Putnam XDR-Series Class V (p/n 25122) hitch for $139.95 -- http://www.southwestwheel.com/hitchproducts/trailerhitches.htm
* SurePull Powerframe HD (house brand?) lists a Class V for $139.95
Any comments/experiences on any of these brands?

Differences between 'em:
* A well-assembled 3-piece hitch seems to me as if it would be just as strong as a one-piece hitch.
* I prefer a standard 2-inch receiver insert, but sleeving a 2.5-inch insert down is well under $20.
* A built-in connector box is a bonus, but not a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

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I welcome any experience with brands...

I'd like to pull the trigger on this purchase this week.

Randii (who's had a few hitches, but usually just dealt with what was installed on the vehicle already)
No need for a double-hitch for towing, really. I have a dual-receiver setup on my trail rig, and I may eventually fabricate one up for the front of my Dodge tow wagon, but out back, I don't think I need it for my usage.

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