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Classifieds Rules/Info ... Learn 'em, Live 'em, Love 'em:

NO Commercial Ads**
NO Group Buys
NO E-bay Ads
NO Cross posting
**If you are selling multiple items, bought multiple items with the intention to resell to make profit, you need a yellow star (even if they ARE USED)**

Rudeness and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Include a price and location of the item being sold. A "zipcode" IS NOT a location.

For best results include contact info, and if possible a photo. Once your item has been sold please edit your post to indicate it's been sold.

If you have a problem with a purchase transaction and can not work out a solution with a buyer or seller please do the following: Contact the person and tell them if the deal can't be fixed it's time to dissolve it. That means the parts and money both go back to the original party's.

If one or the other parts does not return the money/parts I will post there names here.

If you need something resolved by the moderators please use the report link located in the bottom right corner of the thread.

NO Location OR Price = Post DELETED.

Please note: Remember to look in the Vendors section for items for sale as well!!! They're just not for new parts, but the vendors QUITE OFTEN have used parts at very good prices!!! Check them out!!
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Not open for further replies.