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Price is $3500.

I have traced ownership back four owners ago to what may be the original
owner. It's a CA truck, still has the original CA black license plate.

I bought it in November 1999, and except for a few spins around the block I
haven't driven it since. It's been in a cool, dry garage the entire time.

It's a 1962 production FJ40, titled in 1963. Has 22,XXX on the odometer,
don't know if it's 22,XXX or N22,XXX. It has three of the original Dunlop
Weathermaster tires and a gun rack. It does not have the original F, but
rather a 1967 F with good compression. It does have the original
side-shifter 3spd transmission and transfer case.

Body has NO RUST! It's all straight and good.

Has the OEM embossed bezel. (long story there) Pop-top vent on the roof,
centered rear diff, all the glass says either "BJ25" or "FJ25". Has a new
rebuilt F carb. P.O. put a NOS distributor in it, had the brake master
cylinder & wheel cylinders and exhaust replaced. The jump seats still have
the original pre-1965 "oxblood" naugahyde, but the front 1/3-2/3 seats have
been recovered with red naugahyde and the driver's seat back needs some new
spot welds. I have another set of reupholstered (black) 1/3-2/3 seats from
another 1963, which I'm using in their place. I have all four original
hubcaps plus an extra. These are the rare pre-1965 hubcaps that are domed
with the triangle in the center. Dealer add-ons are an Eaton heater - which
is listed as a new Toyota Motor Sales USA option in an October 1963 dealer
newsletter I've got - and early warn hubs. (hubcaps cut out for them)
Unfortunately some bastard cut the dash in an ugly way to install an AM
radio when it was new. I have a replacement dash section with the correct
pre-1965 corrugated lines which I planned to have swapped in by a pro. The
40 comes with an ORIGINAL 1964 roll-up toolkit in excellent condition. Has
all the tools, many still in plastic. This is the toolkit that was featured
in Rick Donnelly's recent article in Toyota Trails. I also have a 1963
owner's manual and 1963 repair manuals that would come with it, as well as
magazine reviews and other related literature. It comes with a box of
period-correct NOS and used parts, like an intake manifold stamped "FJ25",
a couple sets of pre-1963 rear turn signals, (super-rare, they are the same
size as the front bib marker lights on a 40, but with red lenses instead of
white and slightly different wiring) rear-view mirrors, switches, knobs,
ignition cylinders, extra tools, extra wiper motor, etc. I've replaced all
four turn signals with 1963+ NOS turn signals, which of course look and
work great but in actuality are slightly different from the actual pieces
put on the truck in 1962. The wiring harness is in surprisingly good shape
for its age, BTW. I've never had the top off. There is one patch in the
driver rear corner of the fiberglas cap, and I don't know the story behind
it. There are squares of what looks like acoustic tile on the inside of the

When I went to look at it, I actually took it off-road. There was a muddy
construction site nearby and the owner let me put it in 4-low and idle
around in the goo. The hubs lock, the tcase goes into 4-lo with no

It's red and it appears to have been red from the factory. It has what
looks like a couple layers of red paint on it. But the body is solid as a
rock. If you've seen early 40s you'll know they use a thicker gauge steel
than the later 40s. This one is like a tank. NO RUST.

I have a BUNCH of period factory literature about the 40, as well as 1963
magazine reviews. I'd include these with the sale. One issue of 1963 Four
Wheeler shows a red FJ40 in color on its cover, which is valuable for resto
purposes. I've also spoken at length with Jonathan Ward about restoring
these early 40s, and he is a wealth of info for colors, materials, etc. I
considering doing a proper frame-off resto of this thing, but the time and
money and lack of OEM parts threw me off. I had a 1970s Toyota Motor Sales
USA book looking back on their history, and it showed numbers for vehicle
imports in the early years. They were bringing in less than 300 FJ40s per
year in 1962 and 1963.

Basically what I've put into this 40 is four years of storage, a bunch of
research, collecting period literature and parts and some mechanical work
to get it working right. (Replaced missing oil bath air filter, new PCV
valve, repair carb spacer, some new hoses, new ignition cylinder, replace
seats, change oils, new red-top optima battery, removed, cleaned and
painted (POR-15) battery tray, NOS glass-bowl fuel filter, had fuel tank
boiled, patched and sealed, installed NOS turn signals, etc.) And of course
gathering "extras".

If I had the space I would keep it, but with two cruisers and ten bikes in
the garage, another cruiser and my wife's car in the driveway it gets real
crowded, and getting any work done on either garaged cruiser is very

Let me know if you're interested.

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