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>>From the American Policy Center
>Tom DeWeese, President
>American Policy Center
>13873 Park Center Road
>Herndon, VA 20171
>FAX: 703-925-0991
>[email protected]
>March 14, 2001
>Action Alert! Action Alert!
>Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton, has said that Clinton's last-second
>monument designations will stand because there has been no outcry from
>property rights advocates. In fact, the American Policy Center has received
>word from a White House insider that property rights advocates are going to
>be rolled on the monuments issue unless the White House and Gale Norton hear
>from the grassroots in a major way-NOW! The greens have a massive effort
>underway to pressure the White House to make certain that Clinton's
>monuments stand.
>You simply must make your calls! Call NOW! Call EARLY! Call OFTEN!
>These land grabs must be reversed. These monuments shut the American public
>out of their land. Permanently! These monuments kill local industries,
>seal off valuable natural resources, cripple whole towns, and rape private
>property rights. But Gale Norton and others won't act unless they are
>pressured from property rights advocates. As of today, we are failing in
>our efforts.
>You must make the two phone calls below. If you don't, the administration
>will not act-plain and simple. We will be handing the radical
>environmentalists a victory. A VICTORY THAT THEY DON'T DESERVE!
>If you care about the rapid decline of property rights in America, it is
>imperative that you follow the "Action to Take" below. If not, the greens
>will set the agenda for the Bush administration-starting with the permanent
>designations of the Clinton Monuments!
>**Action to Take
>1. Call the White House and urge President Bush to REVERSE the Clinton
>National Monuments. Explain that the monuments shut us out of our land!
>Also, let the President know that the monuments devastate local industries.
>White House phone number: (202) 456-1414.
>2. Call Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton, and urge her to repeal the
>Clinton Monuments for the reasons stated above. Sec. Norton's phone number:
>(202) 208-7351.


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