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i bought the truck the guy had told me there was a brand new clutch in it... centerforce if that helps any

it felt great for the last 2 months or so i have had it recently i let my friend drive about id say 5days ago and since then if i push the clutch in like 1" it will clutch.....

yesterday i was driving and the clutch just went out no noise no nothing.... we did see alittle smoke or steam but i dont know if that was from the engine or not... i didn't smell anything either...

we were out in the fields running it pretty hard up some rocks

1985 4runner
i have fluid in the master.

im geting it towed back today.... to my house to take a look at

ive done some searching and found out about the pedal maybe cracked or broke...

i appear to have no leaks and im going to check out the slave when i get a friend to push the pedal...

anyone have any other advice on what to check.... or know why the "POINT OF ENGAGE" moved then went away completely

i dont think the guy took my for a ride as he told me about the clutch when i got there to pick it up (won on ebay)

any help would be great..... not looking for an answer just some info
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