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SoundTracker® technology
SWR allows for antenna calibration
Full 4 watts power
7 NOAA weather channels, emergency weather alert
NightWatch™ illuminated display
Tactile controls, front-panel microphone connector and 9 microphone cord
Instant channels 9 and 19
Dynamike® gain control, PA capability, 4 pin screw-on microphone connector
7 1/4W x 2 1/4H x 8 5/8D

Used in great shape, just Tweaked & Peaked by Karls CB in Las Vegas, comes with a new aftermarket Echo mike.
Cheapest I could find it was $121.79 plus shipping at ebuyer with a plain mike, not tweaked & peaked, ASKING $80 SHIPPED to the lower 48.
Too dark for a pic, but found this one on the web:

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Forgot.. needs a Power Plug,(small rectangle plug w/ black & red wires for power & ground) old one got too short from splicing when switching from rig to rig.. I'll knock the price down to $75 Shipped in the lower 48 states.

Addressing the questions I'm getting by PM:
I'm selling because its too small for my new rig (Samurai) and buying a smaller unit
Karls CB in Las Vegas (A vendor on the PBB) just did a full tune up on it, tweaked & peaked for maximum power and clarity, so it should work better than new
No antenna included, It will fit on my Samurai and I will be using it
I TAKE PAYPAL! Send to: [email protected].
If you have any additional questions, call me at 714-932-4444 Terry. No I wont go any cheaper, if it doesnt sell for $75 I'll keep it and put it in my tow rig.
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