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I'll try that. Just didnt know if anyone had any info off hand. As far as the red star, I dont really check in often enough to justify it. If I start using this site more, then I will.
Doing a coilover and a linked suspension is a serious thing. The reason why you you would get flames is that to do such things you must be very, very informed and illustrated. Starting from the point of burning your eyelashes by studying a considerable amount of builds looking for the basics and examples.

And then you can ask for the questions you dont understand.

If you take one article, study it and start the build, you have so many numbers to make a mess. Thats becouse that readings talk about the basics or the common scenarios, but every rig/garage/builder is different, and surely you will face situations in the making that werent described in the "manual"

On a few words there is not a perfect manual of doing a suspension swap, you have to get wet.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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