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Coil-Overs for my TJ

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I'm looking for same basic info on buying some coil-overs. I have Fox shocks on the rear so I am planning on sticking with the Fox on the front.

1) Are the compressed and extended length on the Fox site eye to eye? I assume so but I hate to find out different.

2) Are the springs a separate purchase?

3) Do the dual rate units and the single rate units use the same housings or do I need to specify at time of purchase.

4) From what I've read, I'll need the sprung weight in order to get the right springs. But in order to get the sprung weight you need to install the coil-overs, measure the deflection and do the math. Is there a better way to do this without the coil-over?

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Give us a call, we sell a nice coilover bracket kit for th TJ's. If you look on our web site the lengths that we list are form eye to eye. The shocks do not include springs, but the fox shocks do come with the dual rate hardware.
We have set up quite a few TJ's with coilovers so we have a good idea what spring rate you will need.
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