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Coilover's on a fullsize.

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I am gathering parts to start my SAS on my 92 chevy stepside, and up until this point I had planned to run leaf springs up front. The guy doing the work for me (because I am in IRAQ, not because I can't do it!) has suggested that going 3-link is not going to cost that much more and the benefit's will far out weigh running leafs..
Well if I go 3-link, I want to go coilover's. Neither of us know anything about coilovers, so I need to find a starting point.
What size should I be looking for to support/ and hold up the front of my truck? I plan to buy them used, So I am just looking for suggestions and what works better with fullsize rigs.

I started to post this in the chevy section, but thought I might get less flaming in here.
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I would run a 2.5" body shock. You don't need anything bigger. Coils would be 3" ID, which means they would be in the 4.25"-5" overall OD range depending upon spring rates.

As for length, it would depend upon how much up vs. down travel you are shooting for and ride height etc. Mounting under hood, through the hood etc.
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