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This was posted from a LSLC member that is vacationing in Colorado in his V8 FJ-80. Does anyone know of a shop to help him out?


My transmission and engine chose to part company at 10,000 feet yesterday on Stony Pass here in Colorado. The Mark’s Adapter housing appears to have stripped out the threads (damn cast aluminum crap) on the 4 bolts holding the tranny and engine together. Good news is I got it off the trail and into Silverton safely. Thank goodness I stuck new brakes on right before this trip! Coasting 5 miles down a mountain trail is an experience I don’t care to repeat... no power steering, no power brakes, but luckily no really tight switchbacks on that trail.
Anyway... I’m stuck in the Durango area looking for a shop that will entertain tearing this thing down and seeing what we can do to get it home. If you know any shops in this area (Cortez, Pagosa Springs, Durango... etc.), or have any creative ideas for getting the Whale home, drop me a note here. My cell phone doesn’t work here, but I’ll check my e-mail again later.
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