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Complete sterling disc brake kit $390

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Complete kit for $390 including shipping.

My kit is not the cheapest, but it is the best. Also my price "includes" shipping anywhere in the USA 2-3 days so you get it fast!

OPTIONS! Slotted rotors, braided stainless hoses, powder coated calipers, emergency brakes, and even ceramic pads.

This includes:

3/8" thick laser cut brackets
grade 8 annodized mounting hardware
new 96 E350 rear rotors
rebuilt GM calipers with steel pistons
semi metallic brake pads
caliper pins
rubber flex hoses
banjo bolts with copper washers
anti-rattle clips

This kit will fit SRW Ford Sterling full float axles with drum brakes.

Fits all SRW full float sterling axles from 1985-1997

Instructions? I include instructions. The hardest part is removing the old brakes. Here is a link to the instructions --> Sterling 10.25 disc brake instructions

Emergency brakes? Yes, I have Eldarodo calipers for $200 more. This gives a manual e-brake that hooks up to your cables.

I accept paypal, credit cards, or postal money orders. Orders will ship from TN and ship by priority mail so you get it in 2-3 days most of the time.

To place an order click --> www.lugnut4x4.com/sterling

You can also call me if you want 423-737-0265 -- Shawn.

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I do not sell to or ship to Canada.
So probably na sales to Europe either?
I'm interested in this kit, maybe we can work something out.
I have this problem fixed now. I ship worldwide!
The only way I know of would be if you could get a USA broker. I would sell it to the broker and ship it to them and they could ship it to you.
Well I don't know how to get a broker in the US from overhere.
Also probably gonna end up with a lot of extra cost.
So I'll pass this one, and work something else out.
Thanks anyway,
excellent deal,im running 37's on my f250,the disk conversion makes that 6k truck stop on a dime,even tho there only supposed to be "draggers" they work great...didnt take long to get mine either.

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Thanks for the pics. Just to clarify, spacers are not required.
No mystery on the rotors I use. It's public info.
I am considering your kit for my current build. My donor axle is from a 93 350.
I have worked with a few brake systems but I am not sure about your words of advice concerning the hub you mentioned.
It's a pretty simple bolt on kit, so not much to worry about.
I patiently await a dually kit :)
Ok I have that. ---> www.lugnut4x4.com/dually
for the 200 more for the eldo calipers does it also have the lever for the outside of the caliper for the cable?.......if so where do you find them cause i cant seem to find them anywhere
Yes the levers are included. I have them custom made.
i second the idea if you can come up with something to clear for a dually. My drums have had it and stumbled upon this looking into conversions.
Got you taken care of. www.lugnut4x4.com/dually
Thanks for the explanation. I will keep your thread saved as I am going to 19.5's in the near future. Keep up the good work!
The new super single tires should work also.
Do you have any complete bolt-on Ford BB 9" disc conversion kits?
Do you have any complete bolt-on Ford BB 9" disc conversion kits?
No I don't.
Dually kit now available with weld on bracket.
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