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This seems to be a popular item to sell on a jeep board.

I'm going to sell my old computer. I recently bought a laptop(a lot easier to move back and forth to school every 3 months). This is the only reason i'm selling, if i didn't have the laptop i'd run this baby until it ran no more. Its by far one of the best computers i have ever built and i have built many.

It includes:
19" monitor (Heavy if you are looking to ship it)
6 Bay Mid Tower case, 3 5.25", 2 3.5", 1 internal hdd
Brand new 400W power supply
ABIT BE6-II Motherboard w/ Softmenu, 1AGP, 5PCI, 1ISA
Intel Celeron 850MHZ CPU with Orb Cooling fan
384MB 100MHz SDRAM, expandable to 768MB
AGP Xtasy Video Card, 64MB Video memory, GeForce4 MX 440 Graphics processor
IBM 8.4GB Hard Drive
PCI Diamond Monster Sound MX300 Sound card
PCI D-Link 10/100 Ethernet Adapter DFE-530TX
ISA 56K Modem(Who uses these anymore :))
32x12x40 CD-R Drive
3.5" Floppy Drive
Memorex MX2500 Keyboard
Logitech Mouseman Mouse

Right now it is running Win2k Pro, but that can be changed to WinXP, Win98. PM me for additional loaded software.

I am located in Saginaw, MI 48603. I will ship but the buyer will assume all shipping costs.

I'm looking to get $400 for it. I think that is fair I really haven't been looking at new prices much lately, but what i have seen seems to be crap unless you spend upwards of $1500. So this should be a pretty good price, the video card and power supply have probably only seen 5 hours of use.
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