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Back in 2015 I decided to build a 25x36' shop with onto the back of my place in Florida. Went with concrete block and wanted to make the walls 14' tall with a vaulted ceiling to accommodate a lift. Here's what the back yard looked like to start
Plant Property Building Window Door

Had some demo to do as well as having to move the meter box. Also got the 2 8x10 roll up doors pre ordered. The 16' roll up door in the pic is one I had laying around but i wouldn't meet county wind code requirements, so had to buy new ones.
Property Plant Window Tree Building

Window Tree Building Door Land lot

Got busy digging footers and forming up the slab while the city dropped by for frequent inspections

Plant Window Sky Building Tree

Plant Wood Road surface Grass Slope

Plant Road surface Asphalt Tree Wood

Plant Tree Mesh Land lot Grass

Water Window Plant Wood Swimming pool

Footers were 16''x2' and poured the slab 5" thick with just wire mesh for reinforcement. Bribed a bunch of my homies with beers and pizza to show up and help pour it.
Trousers Sky Tree Wood House

Building Window Plant House Tree

Decided not to do a bathroom or any plumbing mostly due to the sewer impact fees I'd have had to pay.
Anyway, that's all I have time to write up right now. More to come.

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Got all the block and mortar dumped in the yard and got started laying block. My dad setting up the first lead.
Water Wall Brick Gas Tree

a couple days in
Property Window Plant Building Wood

scored a commercial door frame for the west entrance.
Sky Wood Road surface Brickwork Public space

late night block work
Wood Tradesman Ladder Beam Event

Sky Ladder Building Window Midnight

starting to top out - got all the lintels up
Tree Plant Wood Gas Composite material

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Poured the bond beam and started on the truss kit. Poured the entire north wall around the roll up door openings solid as well as the corners and the cells on either side of each window and door.
Sky Building Shade Tree Leisure

The truss kit had been sitting in the front yard for a few weeks at this point. My bro showed up with a loader so we just brought each truss up over the roof instead of humping em around thru the yard.
Plant Sky Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tree

Dad getting the windows hung while we sheeted the roof
Shade Wood Tree Facade Real estate

Did the gables in hardie panel and went ahead and re-roofed the rest of the place in the same pbr panels. Didn't get any pics of framing the cricket, but it took some time.
Building House Wood Slope Fixture

hanging the roll up doors
Tire Wheel Window Wood Building

Building Wood Shade Siding Facade

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Wasn't able to get started on the driveway till the following winter
Wheel Tire Vehicle Road surface Automotive tire

Plant Road surface Tree Yellow Land lot

Plant Road surface Land lot Asphalt Grass

Dog Car Vehicle Road surface Asphalt

Got the lighting done - 4 5k lumen led overhead shop lights - and had some plumbing and wiring to rearrange to accommodate a washer and drier, tankless water heater and a concrete shop sink. Also ran a 220v extension out to the garage doors for the welder
Tire Building Floor Flooring Bicycle wheel

Electrical wiring Plumbing fixture Flooring Plumbing Gas

Built a stand for the concrete sink out of some 1.5" galvanized angle I had laying around.
Laundry room Plumbing fixture Clothes dryer Wall Floor

Blue Laundry room Fixture Wood Washing machine

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Picked up a used asymmetrical Grand 9k lift for pretty cheap, but after I replaced all the dry rotted hydraulic hoses and frayed equalizer cables I probably ended up paying what a brand new one would have costed. Oh well - it was a good learning experience. First order of business was a tranny flush and filter on my then-girlfriend's tj.
Also installed a overhead air line reel. Don't know how I ever got by without one.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Car Vehicle

Installing a lift kit on the Tacoma
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle

Built an axle cart for future jeep builds that I had planned.
Automotive tire Gas Engineering Machine Physical fitness

....and that's about it. Ended up selling the place in 2018 and moving to AZ. Currently building away on my new place.


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