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***Congressional Testimony Deadline*** ACT NOW!!




House Appropriations Interior Subcommittee Accepting Testimony RECEIVED

The House Appropriations Interior Subcommittee has jurisdiction over and

provides the funding for the following land agencies:

Forest Service
Park Service
Fish and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Land Management

The House Subcommittee on Interior Appropriations usually holds public

hearings to help it determine the appropriate level of funding land
agencies should receive. This year, however, the subcommittee
will not
hold public hearings due to the ill health of Chairman Joe Skeen
Instead, written testimony can be submitted by April 16. IT MUST

Why should you care?

This is your chance to make Congress formally aware of how you have been

treated or mistreated by a Federal agency in recent years. If you want

Congress to help solve your problems, they need to know about the problem

and how you think they should solve it. Put your solution in the form
a request that they should fund some activity or deny funding to that

activity. It is O.K. to include personal horror stories.

You will need to send them a one to four page letter outlining your
and why you think agency money should be taken away for whatever
they are
doing. Or, if you think they should do more of something, then
urge more
money be put toward that area. Do you think the agency is
breaking the
law? Are they being hard or unreasonable in working with you?
You can
use names and specifics but don't slander or attack personalities.
is your chance to get on the record. Your testimony and that of
of other people will be printed in a book if you get it there in

You can then use this book before county commissioners, associations and

other groups.
You can use the book as a tool with elected officials. Other people will

have information in the book you can use. All of that will help you
yourself and fight back to protect your private property or Federal

You will also likely get the attention of the press, as well as researchers

who go over this type of information looking for source material. News

writers will examine the Congressional Testimony looking for possible
All you need is one who thinks your story has merit.

Even though you are sending in written testimony, it is just like you
testified before Congress. The Committee will not be holding f
hearings this year. That means EVERYONE who sends in testimony will
their statements treated the same way.

This is a real opportunity. You don't want to miss out. You don't have

much time.

In our experience over the past 28 years, people who testify before this

committee are treated far better by the Federal agency than those who sit

quietly by. You need to make Congress, the press and public aware of your

concerns. This is an easy way to do it.

You can bet the Extreme Environmental Groups will be sending in testimony

asking for massive funding for land acquisition (CARA - HR 701) so the

government will buy or condemn your land. They will also testify that
grazing permits should be removed. They'll urge Congress to take away
forestry money. It is likely there will be testimony to close off
to Forest Service roads. Testimony before this committee is like
writing a
menu for actions people want Congress and the Federal agencies
to take.

Your target is the Committee, its individual members and the Federal
Even if Congress fails to act, the agencies will be paying

If you want to get the attention of an agency, go for their money. It is

amazing over the years how many people have gotten their problems solved

after testifying before this committee. The agencies don't want anyone

getting in the way of their money (appropriations).

What should you testify about?

****Are you engaged in a recreation activity that an agency wants to get

rid of? Are they cutting you off from your traditional recreation use.

Snowmobiles are one example. Personal watercraft would be another. You

can testify that you support allowing snowmobiles in our National Parks.

Ask the committee to deny funding to stop people from using snowmobiles
roads that are used by cars in the summer. That is just one example

****Do you feel threatened by land acquisition agents or agencies like the

Park Service, Forest Service or others? How did you feel you were treated?

Do you want to be forced to sell? Are you opposed to the use of
Tell Congress you support a provision in the FY 2002 budget
that requires
no-net-gain in federal lands.

****Tell Congress you oppose CARA, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act

(more appropriately called the Condemnation and Relocation Act). This is

the committee you want to testify before. In fact, every opponent of CARA

should send in a one-page letter opposing the bill. There should be no

special trust fund for land acquisition that puts land acquisition as a

higher priority than the military, medical research, education and other

important priorities.

****If you think an agency is doing something they shouldn't, you should

testify that Congress should take away the money for that activity.

****How about the Forest Service Roadless Rule? You should testify that

Congress should withhold any funding for implementing the Roadless Rule.

Does the Roadless Rule affect your access to private property? Will it

close local roads and means of traditional travel? Does it cut off use
existing roads for recreation? These are just some examples of what
may want to testify about.

****What about Energy exploration? Does the Roadless Rule affect your

ability to explore of oil, gas or minerals important to the energy future

of America?

****If you live in the area of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem
Plan, urge the Committee to take away any funding for that huge
land grab.
The same for the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Plan. The best way to
stop a
bureaucrat is to take away his money. This is your chance to do it.

****Testify about your grazing permit and how BLM or Forest Service
have treated you. Have they cut back your allotment unfairly?
Are they
forcing you out of business?

****What is the state of your mining claim and relations with Forest
or BLM officials? What about access for exploration or
development? Are
they trying to strangle you in red tape to drive you out
of business?

Make sure that you speak to funding levels for the programs you are
in, or those you would like to see reduced or done away with in
the FY
2002 Appropriations bill. You don't have to have specific numbers,
it helps.

Here are the instructions for sending in your testimony (as provided by

Interested parties may submit written testimony to be included in the

Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies Instructions for Providing

Public Witness Testimony

The Fiscal Year 2002 budget cycle is considerably shortened during this

transition year.

Taking into account the need to move appropriations bills swiftly, the

Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations subcommittee will not hold

hearings for public witnesses. However, interested parties may submit wr

itten testimony to be included in the official record.

We must RECEIVE the written testimony no later than 5:00 pm on April 16,

2001 for it to be included in the printed hearing volume.

Your written statements must:

>>Not exceed four pages;

>>Be singled-spaced on 8.5 by 11 inch letter size paper;

>>Be at least 12 point font and one inch margins;

>>Clearly state in the first paragraph the agency, program, and

amount of money involved in the request;

>>Clearly indicate your name, title, and institutional affiliation

at the top of the first page; and

>>Not include color and detailed photos since the hearing volume

will be photographically reproduced. However, use of charts and tables
the use of appropriate bold type and bullets are acceptable.

Please follow these instructions carefully and adhere to the deadline.
not send material via fax. Additional or late material will not be

included in the printed record.

You should send four individually stapled, unfolded copies, and an original

for the printer secured only with a paper clip to:

Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations
B-308 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

If you have any questions please contact the Interior subcommittee
Casey Stemler, @ 202-225-3081, or [email protected]

Here are the Members of the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee. They

should all be mailed testimony at: Honorable _________ US House of
Washington, DC 20515. ATTENTION: Interior Appropriations

Joe Skeen (R-NM) -- Chairman
Ralph Regula (R-OH)
Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)
Charles Taylor (R-NC)
George Nethercutt (R-WA)
Zach Wamp (R-TN)
Jack Kingston (R-GA)
John Peterson (R-PA)

Norman Dicks (D-WA) - Ranking Minority Member
John Murtha (D-PA)
James Moran D-VA)
Maurice Hinchey (D-NY)
Martin Olav Sabo (D-MN)



-----Send your testimony to the committee so that it arrives in time to
printed, following the above committee instructions carefully.

-----Send a copy of your testimony to each member of the Interior
Subcommittee. You only have to have your testimony to the
official committee
address by April 16th. The others can be sent later.
If you attend the
Fly-In-For-Freedom in May, you should deliver your
testimony to each Member
of the committee even if you have already mailed

-----Send or deliver a copy to any other Congressmen or Senator you feel

may be interested in your issue.

-----Make sure you deliver a copy of your testimony to your local newspaper

and any writers with the national media you may be familiar with.

-----If you are a small business, you may want to make sure each member
the Small Business Committee gets a copy of your testimony. Also send
copy to National Federation of Independent Business and the Chamber of

Commerce. They need documented horror stories.

-----Send a copy of this statement to any associations or groups you are
member of.

-----The Land Rights Network would be happy to receive a copy. You might

want to look at our website for examples of horror stories:

-----Be sure to send the material to American Land Rights and the Land

Rights Network in BOTH e-mail as well as a printed version.

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED - Your testimony must arrive no later than MONDAY,

APRIL 16TH to be included in the printed testimony record.

Because you only have a short time to get your testimony written and
send it by Federal Express no later than Saturday, April 14th.
Or use
OVERNIGHT MAIL from the Post Office by Friday, April 13th. If you
an association you are a member of in Washington, consider asking them

if they will deliver your testimony to the committee.

As a last ditch idea, you might call your Congressman and see if he or she

will accept a fax and then deliver it to the committee. Some will help
do this. All Congressmen may be called at (202) 225-3121.

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