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Sorry about the English, I'm using a translator, I'm just an idiot.
I'll put a link to the album here, which I'll add gradually and if you're interested, feel free to ask, we've edited and improved a lot of things and I'm happy to share our ideas.
1.6 8 valve engine, Vitara gearbox, Vitara slow shifter, Vitara differentials. Rear disc brakes, manual rear brake limiter, power steering and brake master cylinder from Vitara 2.0D.
Differential locks, rear air, front el.
2" body lift, very soft springs, Rancho RS5000/Ford F150 shocks).
Steering arm modification, rear axle seal added.
Homemade bumpers. etc. etc.

PS: Please, everything you see, I agree with copying for personal use, but forbid copying for business.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts