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My band HISTORY for SALE is up on a local radio "COCKFIGHT". I would love it if you guys could listen in at 9:00pm PST and vote for my band.

The 6th Annual KISW Loud And Local 9 O’Clock Cockfight takeover! To be very clear the purpose of this is to play killer Local’s in the Cockfight vs. who wins and who loses. It’s about exposure on this bigass radio station. The ONLY WAYS TO VOTE are as follows.

*By the KISW Rocklines. 206-421-ROCK or 1-800-783-ROCK

*Text votes. You text the name of the band you want to vote for to 77999.

*Via the KISW facebook page. When I give the word right here.http://www.facebook.com/KISWROCK

Those are the ONLY ways votes will be taken. No votes to my email or personal facebook page will be counted. Voting begins after I play both bands at 9pm. If you have questions about the L&L Cockfight takeover email me directly [email protected]. To find out how to submit for this follow the guidelines herehttp://www.kisw.com/pages/5801985.php.

So please text HISTORYFORSALE to 77999.

Call 1-800-873-ROCK

I will work on payment for your votes:grinpimp:

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Just saw this...too late I guess. How'd it go HoS?
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