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Remington model 11 i've been pissin' around with.

Raised the comb of the stock with a chunk of walnut to put my eye behind the ghost ring sights I got for it. Also shortened the stock by about an inch and put on a grind to fit recoil pad. Ditched the bolt hold open feature to allow for one handed loading. Built a larger charging handle for it and tigged it on. Used a Rem 870 mag extension to bring the capacity up to 8+1. Had to make a small spacer for that. No big deal though, just a ring. The shiny on the forearm is a crack repair. Couple cracks that had to be ground out and glued back together.

Considering trying my luck with the water ink transfer stuff. Maybe one of the carbon fiber prints for the stock or something like that. Haven't really made a decision yet.

Then I did up this rifle.

Mostly with parts that I had on hand from other builds. Some parts from Pete. Only thing different for me about this one is the slide fire stock. Not sure how long i'll keep that though. Haven't fired it yet either.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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