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Course Emergencies

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There has been some discussion in the competitors forum concerning how judge's would react to a course emergency and wether or not there is any training WEROCK is proposing to do. IE, fire extenquishers safety, unlatching seat belts, stabalizing someones neck in the event of major roll before help gets there.
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We do discuss with the judges about what to do in case of a roll over, and fire.

In the event of a rollover they are to ask the driver if thaey are ok, the answer to this question determines what they do next. Like if they call over the emts or get help to upright the vehicle, if the answer is NO I am not ok, the Judge is NOT to touch the driver. The emt is the one that does anything at that point.

In case of a fire, they are instructed to first grab the competitors extinguisher (as it is the closer).

This year W.E.ROCK will have at least 2 larger extinguishers at the course, one at the start and one at the end.

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