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Coyote Flats in a FToy

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I want to do something other than the Hammers for Memorial day. Would I be able to park my tow rig and trailer some place safe at the trailhead? Are green sticker rigs allowed? I know that it's not hardcore wheeling. I just wast to enjoy some scenery and do some fishing with the family.

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What day? I'll take you up the fun way and you can stay. I'll point out some of your camping options and take off.......James
I'm planning on getting to Big Pine around noon on Saturday. I have to find someplace to park my truck and trailer. I assume that I'll need a park pass for my tow rig and one for my FToy. My 15yo son will be riding his motorcycle near my buggy out there. How's the fishing and camping at Funnel lake right now?
Havent't fished it this year to tell you the truth, I have my secret spots (don't we all!) that get me away from everyone. That way I don't care if the fish are biting or not! The trail used to be one that was only negotiated by utvs/bikes, but the side by sides have now given us a little more room. Let's do it now before we can't. Coyote is under heavy wilderness preasure and the process has already begun, despite huge local pressure to the keep it from happening. We can loop it if we start around noon and don't stop too much. I just noticed a rear pinion seal leak in my rig, but I'll hook up with you and run it anyway, just carry a quart or two. Parking at Baker Creek Camp. would be the way to go. Let me know...James
I'm planning on going straight to Funnel Lake and setting up camp. Are suggesting to park my tow rig and trailer at Baker Camp?
There's an open area as you enter Baker campground. Can't say for sure about overnight/multi day stay, but we have staged our motorcycle club rides from there with no hassle. I beleive it is a county operated campground.
I'm a Coyote Flats veteran. I've done the Big Pine route 3 or 4 times now. My group
has tried leaving tow vehicles in the Wal Mart pkg lot in Bishop (at first, before we
saw the 'Great Basin Research' writeup about the Big Pine rte) but we have most often
gone for the $10/night Tuttle Crk campgrnd out of Lone Pine, then driven the rigs up
to Big Pine. When you guys say Baker campground for your tow rigs, do you mean up
Baker Crk out of Big Pine - the road going to Glacier Lodge ?
Thanks. I seem to remember considering that option way back when, but my group got
so content with the Tuttle Crk thing I never pursued it.
How does the big pine route up to sanger compare to the road into funnel? I have always gone in from the bishop side, and always alone. I have been into funnel alone though and it wasnt bad at all.
The Big Pine/Sanger Mdw road is mostly a steep climb up easy dirt road. There is one stretch near Onion Crk (the Eastern slope of Sugarloaf) that has a couple small boulder
piles to negotiate, with steep manzanita slopes on the downhill side, that should present
no problem to you. Apparently, until recent years, this was a quad trail only, and it still
is no place for fullsize rigs. But the Funnel Lk trail is far more 'challenging' than anything
coming up from Big Pine. (except maybe for your cooling system)

Here's a couple shots of the 'technical' part of the BP/SM route to Coyote Flats.
The one thing is to stay on the trail, and not let one or two wheels slip over the
downhill side into the manzanita. You might need a tug to get out, and there isn't
a lot of room to maneuver.

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Good to hear. I had a couple people look at my 4runner on 31s and tell me no way I was driving all the way into funnel. It was rocky, but not tough at all. I was always under the impression that the road from big pine was much tougher so I have never attempted it as I am always up there without another vehicle. I will have to take the bigpine route next time. We camp at baker meadows so the shorter drive might be nice. I cant bring myself to go fast up there so the bishop route always takes me a couple hours to get the the end of the road and baker.
The Bishop and the Big Pine roads each have a unique sense of adventure to them.
If my CJ7 is loaded with a wife, a teenage son and camping gear, I have to pay extra
attention to my skid plate in the boulder piles. In future, if I am hauling family up there, I'll just take the Suburban up the Bishop way. I wonder if the outhouse at the end of the
road has been rebuilt ?
Last time I was up there, there was a major case of "shitters full" at the outhouse. But we found the hidden "couples" one. Much nicer. :D

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GREAT pic ! Didn't know that was there ! Whats with the big rock right in front of portal number 1 ? Kid's footrest ? I'll have to hike around and find that one, next time, but it seems a little on the airy side. The Dusy Ershim outhouse crew has all that kind of thing figured out, but maybe lack of facilities is a good brake on use of CF.

BTW, I posted a couple pics of the area in Chit Chat's Picture Of The Day thread yesterday. This thread got me thinking about CF.
About a hundred yards east of the first campsite on the left at the end of the road at baker meadows. :grinpimp:
Gotcha. If you go another 100yds past that, you can get cell phone signal from Owens Valley, too. Take a dump, make a call, all on the same stroll.
We started in Big Pine and headed West towards Funnel Lake. Before we started we got last minute supplies and lunch in town. I was driving the FToy and my 15yo son was riding his 150F. Things started off great until we realized we went up the wrong canyon. For some reason I couldn't cross reference the map to the gps so we gave up on the GPS. James had a hard time up some of the sandy/rocky hill climbs so we were slow going. After about 4 hours of traveling up the wrong trails and helping James get his bike up the steepest sections we set up camp in a grassy area before it got dark and really cold. It was less than 32* that night. On the second day we had a better idea of where we were and found our way to Coyote Flats and on towards Funnel Lake. We actually found Funnel Lake but because we referenced the GPS again we thought that we were in the wrong area again. We drove around some more and figured out that we were at Funnel Lake already. So we drove back and set up camp again. James had a fish within the first 20 minutes. It was the biggest trout I have ever seen. We stopped fishing after catching 4 fish. It was more than we could eat for dinner so we still have leftover trout. Most of the trails were just dirt roads with steep loose climbs or rocky sections. I had a lot of lean in the FToy because of all the stuff I had in the roof rack. I wish I could have stayed longer but the kids had finals today so I had to get them back yesterday. James is still sore from riding for about eight hours.

Had to stop and secure the tarp on the way north.

Loading up the buggy at the trail head.

Our first campsite.

Bear bait/early warning systems.

Coming down the mountain into the first big meadow.

Into the woods.

At the lake.

In our raft.

That grill is 12" along the short side.
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Our camp at the lake.

Driving back to Big Pine.

We saw a lot of deer out there too.

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Way cool! I dig the rack.

Now you need a rooftop tent!
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