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cranks on e start but wont start, starts on pull start

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hey guys, so i replaced the battery in my Baja wilderness 250 yesterday, since then i have put several hours on it, but today i was riding up a dry creek bed and i bounced on a rock and it started sputtering really bad and misfiring. then it stalled out and wouldn't start, after i let it sit for like 5 minutes it started up and seemed to run fine, but as soon as i let of the throttle it died, then it wouldn't start again, but when i tried on the pull it starts but misfires and stalls
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not a fuel issue, thinking its spark
btw, i found a completely corroded wire on the solenoid, i fixed that,
has no spark on e start, but runs and drives good on pull start now, something to do with my new battery?
thanks for the help guys, was a loose wire connector
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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