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Hey guys,

I recently installed a propane kit I purchased from KC Carpenter at crawlermog.com What a fantastic upgrade to the stock 2.2. Working with KC was really easy as he was always available for tuning suggestions, but more importantly his kit and instructions were very thorough and allowed for an installation time of only about 3 1/2 hours.

My mog is on 12.5x20 mpt 81's and I am now able to cruise at about 75k/hr versus 60k/hr (off speedometer) on a flat grade prior to the swap. Offroad improvements are even more noticable because I typically can just drive in "3rd" now. Fuel efficiency seems to have improved also, as I was able to run 5 hours on the trail with just one 5 gal bottle. I may be able to get more, but chose to run rich the first few times out.

Anyways, my question for you guys is if you can direct me to a link or know of anybody who has put a propane kit (single mixer) onto a m130 that was originally dual carb'd. I'm curious about performance differences in regards to moving from two carbs down to one mixer.

I'm asking because I plan on picking up a m130 9.5:1 compression motor tonite from a guy parting out an old w108 sedan. Supposedly the motor runs well and I can even test drive the car. Seems like a safe bet for only 500 bucks.

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