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CrawlTunes Off Road Audio Cosmetic Blem Sale

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Our speaker enclosures nest in stacks on a shelf. Every now and then we drop some on the concrete and they get scuffed a little bit.

Normal pirate discount: pbb15 gets you $15 off our injection molded cage mount speaker enclosures

So use code: blem35 for $35 off any order that includes our speaker enclosures, wether by themselves, with speakers, or in a complete bluetooth amplifier package.

I also currently have an amp a customer immediately returned, and we realized the amp was fine they had a different issue.
It's brand new and unused, it was just installed and quickly removed.

I will do $60 off a complete package including that amp and scratched speaker cans to the 1st person to call dibs on this thread.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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