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Crazy or onto something(63" Cheby's)

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Ok, going 1/4 elip on the new buggae. I'm thinking of cutting up my 63" chevy packs, and redrilling and adding the cut leaves back into teh apck to form my 1/4 elip pack. My reasoning is a long flat spring should still flex better, even in 1/4 elip setups and I'm guesing the spring rate should be about the same with all of the leaves in half the stock total length??? Has anyone tried this?
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dude, we have many notes to compare, my f250's are 3" leafs as well. lets find a good 1/4elip spring for yoats together.....
Wilson said:
Sounds good to me. The chevy's aren't 3" wide (I don't think) My F150 fronts are though. What are the stock center pin measurements/offset for your springs? I'll compare them to my F150's. The local PNP is pretty friendly to me on springs ($18.50 ea).
the main leaf long side is ~31" from centerpin to eye. the pack was four 1/4" thick leafs with an overload. i kept the other halves of my leafs as well and punched centerpin holes in them so i can add any if needed....
good point cj, i originally had mine mounted up farther on the frame and the shackle to the front of the axle, when i moved it back i had to patch the frame....sucked....i think a 63" chevy has centered pins so it might not be that far off??

...and here I was thinking that I was gonna cut my AOR custom rate/height Orbit Eye springs in half and do exactly what Wilson is suggesting on my own buggy (when I get around to building my next). Maybe I should start with stock Waggoneer springs or stock Toy minitruck springs or stock Chevy springs first, and see if I like it, before I cut a $500 pair of springs in half? :)
:eek: sell those and theyll pay for your link materials:flipoff2:
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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