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Crazy or onto something(63" Cheby's)

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Ok, going 1/4 elip on the new buggae. I'm thinking of cutting up my 63" chevy packs, and redrilling and adding the cut leaves back into teh apck to form my 1/4 elip pack. My reasoning is a long flat spring should still flex better, even in 1/4 elip setups and I'm guesing the spring rate should be about the same with all of the leaves in half the stock total length??? Has anyone tried this?
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Toyotafourwheeln said:
hey wilson, sorry for the stupid jackass dumb SOB noob question here.. but what exactly does it mean when ya inboard or outboard your springs? is it when you have let's say 3ft between the left and right rear springs and you inboard then to 2.5 ft..i guess just move them in closer= inboard move them out farther to your wheels=outboard??

( flame suit is on,fire away:D ) i'm just trying to understand all the lingo nowadays so i can understand all the reasearch imma bout to do before i attempt my 1/4 setup...thanks for info
inboarding means to move them in closer to the dif and move the mounts in off the frame and out would be out closer to the wheels.that way tour mounts are not hanging down you can tuck them up under the frame.
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