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Crazy or onto something(63" Cheby's)

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Ok, going 1/4 elip on the new buggae. I'm thinking of cutting up my 63" chevy packs, and redrilling and adding the cut leaves back into teh apck to form my 1/4 elip pack. My reasoning is a long flat spring should still flex better, even in 1/4 elip setups and I'm guesing the spring rate should be about the same with all of the leaves in half the stock total length??? Has anyone tried this?
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Since they are so long, wouldn't the mount be sorta under the middle of the frame where it would be a rock anchor like the normal Chevy spring hangers are? (one of the few disadvantages of Chevy's).

The other setups you've seen and probably would more or less copy, work well enough that I'd be hesitant to re-invent the wheel...

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