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Crazy or onto something(63" Cheby's)

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Ok, going 1/4 elip on the new buggae. I'm thinking of cutting up my 63" chevy packs, and redrilling and adding the cut leaves back into teh apck to form my 1/4 elip pack. My reasoning is a long flat spring should still flex better, even in 1/4 elip setups and I'm guesing the spring rate should be about the same with all of the leaves in half the stock total length??? Has anyone tried this?
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larryboy said:
when people are willing to pay $$ for those things i wouldn't be cutting them up. try to sell em first.

unless their bent already.
This is my one hesitation, these springs are selling for $100 and I can buy the springs that everyone else is using for $37. I do think that I may be onto something with this though, and seeing how I'm not actually out the money on the chevy's, I'm thinking of trying it. I always like to try something a littel different.

Jesselt- they will be a 6 leaf pack, about what everyone else is running (6-8)
Yeah, the mount would be under the mid section of the frame. The cab on this setup (or what's left of one) will be mounted about 5" back from stock. I was planning on inbording my 1/4elip frame mount. I'm shooting for a flat belly on this thing. The F250/350 rigs do work well though.
Hick said:
Only problem that i see is that when you cut a spring in half, you also cut the spring rate in half. With a spring that soft i would be worried that they would just go negitave with the weight of the truck, but since i have never done a 1/4 i dont completely know.

That is why I said I was adding the cut half back into the pack:D
Sounds good to me. The chevy's aren't 3" wide (I don't think) My F150 fronts are though. What are the stock center pin measurements/offset for your springs? I'll compare them to my F150's. The local PNP is pretty friendly to me on springs ($18.50 ea).
TRD said:

Don't do it, srings should always be outboarded, they give you more resistance to rolling and still allow for a lot of flex, you will thank yourself later when you don't roll over.
I could outboard them too (fullwidth axles):flipoff2: Toy springs are set pretty wide, in the rear % wise from what I have seen. I have even heard of some inboarding their springs to gain perceived flex. I already rolled, into a ditch filled with freezing-ass water, so I'm not worried about that one either.

Chevy's are centered at 31.5" so it sounds like if it doesn't work, I could easily switch to the F250 springs without an enormous amount of extra work. Although If I'm not really gaining that much spring length over the Fords (sounds like .5") It may not be worth it to cut up the Chevy's.
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