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Crazy or onto something(63" Cheby's)

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Ok, going 1/4 elip on the new buggae. I'm thinking of cutting up my 63" chevy packs, and redrilling and adding the cut leaves back into teh apck to form my 1/4 elip pack. My reasoning is a long flat spring should still flex better, even in 1/4 elip setups and I'm guesing the spring rate should be about the same with all of the leaves in half the stock total length??? Has anyone tried this?
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Wilson said:
I was planning on inbording my 1/4elip frame mount. .
Don't do it, srings should always be outboarded, they give you more resistance to rolling and still allow for a lot of flex, you will thank yourself later when you don't roll over.
according to my econ teacher by cutting up springs you already own you are not imposing more cost on yourself :rolleyes:

i say do it

eat top roman for a month (or 3 like me)
then pasta (no sauce) for another 3 :flipoff2:

...and here I was thinking that I was gonna cut my AOR custom rate/height Orbit Eye springs in half and do exactly what Wilson is suggesting on my own buggy (when I get around to building my next). Maybe I should start with stock Waggoneer springs or stock Toy minitruck springs or stock Chevy springs first, and see if I like it, before I cut a $500 pair of springs in half? :)
scott, alcan should be able to make you 1/4 elliptical leafs with a known spring rate, but i guess you already have the springs.
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