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had this on the newbie board, but fawk it, its for my jeep, and its not THAT basic. just wanted clarification and to convince myself im doing this right!

dont know if the link will be big enough to illustrate my questions/clarification, can email for posting

Have high steer arms. Driver side has 1 TRE hole, passenger side has 2 TRE holes.

Rear holes are for the tie rod (knuckle to knuckle)

Front passenger side hole is for drag link.

Measurement from ball joint to front pass. side hole is 7.5". Ball joint to rear pass. side hole is 5.5"

I believe that means I would want a pitman arm that is 7.5" long.

Doing that would mean the tie rod and the drag link would not be parallel with each other. To obtain a parallel setup would require a pitman arm that is 5.5" long.

What can I do, what is best? And am I interpreting my searches correctly? Or do I go with a Y setup, pulling that drag link to about 6" from the ball joint, or pretty much right in line with a stock style pitman arm (5.5")?

YJ, waggy 44, 2" springs, no rubbing issues on the springs, want to use TRE's
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