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cummins 4bt/nv4500/divorced 205 in my M-715 pics

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ok, i decided to post some updates to my project as dieselcruiserhead has also.

i started with the frame on saturday dec 6th

added springs, dana 60 front SPRING UNDER, 14 bolt rear axles, ,motor,tranny,hydrosteer gear

added the bed
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on sunday i spent cleaning the garage
monday brake lines were run, rear wiring harness, and the divorced np205 was added

the cab,

inner and outer front fenders, inner valence, radiator, and hood
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tuesday i spent putting on the ebrake and fabbing it to fit the stock linkage

gas pedal, master cyl,hydroboost is all in. clutch pedal needs fab, but im still making the adjustable rod for it
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sweet spot on my 4bt is around 1800 rpm.

65mph puts me at 1900
top speed is around 86, or 2500rpm

it can all be ssen at
I hate you. you suck. I love your truck though...:flipoff2:
that's is pretty cool
i don't think I've ever seen such a fast build up
good luck with all the little things
Is the dana 60 you are using the stock dana 60? I love the cummins idea.
NICE Lee! Good to see some more photos... I got my flywheel from Lee, best $10 I ever spent ;)

Mine came with the auto too, converted to stick. Lee you don't have any photos of your 6BT bellhousing and such do you?
masonmachines, the axles are cucv m1008 8 lug axles... 4.56 geared with a detroit in the rear and electrac in the front. im using the factory steering.

diesel. you need a photo of the bellhousing? there should be one at www.homepage.mac.com/ltalessi
i used a 2wd dodge nv4500 with a fixed gm output as the dodge was a slip yoke.
How is the mileage?

I have the chance to get a '68 M715 for ~1k and am thinking about getting it to use for picking up parts, maybe towing, picking up the (jeep)chicks, ect.

stock milage is 8-10mpg. im not on the road with the diesel yet!
nice truck!

since you went wiht all the trouble for a swap, why didnt you just stick a 6bt cummins in there? wouldnt fit?
Nice rig and cool vid on your site!! Just the sound alone is music to my ears!!
KarmirXJ said:
nice truck!

since you went wiht all the trouble for a swap, why didnt you just stick a 6bt cummins in there? wouldnt fit?
the two 6bt conversions i know of, only one i have talked to. at the time he had not solved the problem of NO intercooler. also he had to do a 3 inch cab lift. i had no desire to do a cab lift no matter what engine fit. I also had no desire for a spring over lift. I chose to modify the truck as close to what a 2003 version may have been. also i wanted my center of gravity LOW. 38.7" tires and no lift and no rub (also NO flex) is nice. the front and rear lockers should make up for it.
Is that the cehvy version of the nv4500 or the dodge, the tail housing is nice and short and the ones I have seen are alway slonger then then that.

That rig is awesome BTW great job

Great job Lee, looks like your gettin it done, can't wait to follow.:D
its a dodge 2wd nv4500 with a 2wd gm output for the divorced 205. the dodge slip yoke would not work.
Looks really good!:) Is the other M715 yours also?
DAMN! thats super Pimp!
How much will it weigh when completed? and about how long is the motor?
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