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Here are the parts I have so far:1976 F150 2wd frame, 390(418hp, 430tq), C6, divorced NP 205, Sterling 10.25 (Full Float 4.10 Posi) out of a 92 F250HD and a D60 (4.10open) out of a 95 F350. All the suspension parts and body from the 92 F250.
This Is what I have done so far: used the hangers and shackles to do a shackle flip on the rear springs. Installed the Sterling axle and removed the overload spring from the F150 Spring pack.
I am wanting to use the rear springs from the F250 for the front axle as well as do a Shackle reversal. I have all the hangers and shackles I need from donar F250s. What is the best way to do this? Any thoughts about my combo? What size tires can I run with this moter and Gear ratio?
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