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Front bumper
A heavy duty front bumper with brush guard and winch mount


Karl and I really outdid ourselves on this one. Well OK, mostly Karl, but I helped too!! It took some time and a lot of effort and some creative thinking, but finally we came up with what I consider to be the finest custom front winch bumper / brush guard combo. The unit is constructed of 1/4", 3/16", and 1/8" steel plate, 1" and 2" schedule 40 round steel pipe, expanded metal for the light guards, and some square steel tubing for bracing. It mounts to the frame with solid 1/4" plates that each have 5 bolts and reach back well past where the factory tow hook plate is mounted. The front shackle loops are links from an old Navy ship chain. The bumper was designed to accommodate up to an 8-9000 lb winch with a minimum of the winch protruding in front of the grille to block much-needed air flow. As you can see, my little Superwinch 4500 tucks away completely. I coated it in my favourite 3-step process - Sherwin Williams zinc self-etch primer, Tremclad flat black rust paint, Canadian Tire Gold can premium rubberized rocker guard. Here's a detailed look ....


The only thing not finished is the fitting of the roller fairlead for the winch.


Front view.


Side view.


One last close-up before some "behind the scenes" shots of the construction.


Finished and primed... awaiting top-coat and installation!!


Inside view of winch mounting location.


Front bumper construction details.


Bracing bumper ends.


Inside view of front light guards.


3 years later after some serious beating!!


Before you ask, I'm afraid I have no plans, drawings, or dimensions. It was just "build as you go". But it should give you some ideas and shows what can be done for very little money.


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