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Built by Carnage Crew, Aaron Dusenbery, in Denver, Colorado 4 years ago. Used on 99 Dodge Ram 2500 as bolt on replacement for stock bed. Will fit Gen 2 Dodge Rams in stock configuration, may need to fabricate fit on either Gen 1 or Gen 3 models. Gen 2 fits years 1998-2004...

This truck and flatbed has been used throughout the Baja Peninsula prerunning with BFGoodrich/SCORE and chasing Riviera Racing for the past couple years. This truck is slated for duty at the 2009 Dakar Series race in South America and is being fitted for a utility bed with locking compartments etc...there is nothing wrong with this custom badazz flatbed. It is simply a change in configuration with lockable compartments.


This custom flatbed features a full 8-foot steel bed along with the following:

1. Stock mounting positions (8)
2. 37" inch Dual Tire Rack in Center front of flatbed
3. LED Brake Lights
4. Fuel Tank Filler Hose Mount
5. Dual Power Tank Mounts
6. 4-5 gallon container mounts across bed
7. Diamond Plate Tool Box Mounting Area on Drivers
8. FridgeFreeze or Tool Box Mounting Area on Passenger side
9. Craftsman floorjack mount
10. Satellite Phone/Radio Mount above Tire Rack

Located in Southern California...

Photos here...


PM here or [email protected]

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This is it mounted...free bump for ya :)


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