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aight, this is def. a newbie section question.

But heres your answer. You ever driven a tractor? has two brake peddles. One for the right rear and one for the left rear. You hold one or the other while turning that direction and your turning radius gets way wicked small.

On an offroad rig. You can set them up that way or you can set them up like ebrakes, with a lever to lock up each one.

pulling trucks, dune buggies, and wheelie standers use the same two peddle setup typically so they can steer while their front ends are in the air(wheely'ing) by feathering the left or the right peddles to creat a bit of drag to let the other wheel catch up.

with the modern engine and the rotating mass of the engine when in a wheel stand your left or driverside in the US will want to work its way ahead of the right side making you turn right while in the air. So just pulling it up you are going to vear right.

hope this def. helps

next time post in the newbie forum thats why its here
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