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cz p-01 for sale.

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this a Czech made 9mm. it has about 150rds through it. not a hiccup. very lightly used..really no wear at all. comes with two 10 rd mags, and all the bits that come with it (cleaning gear, box, etc.)

i think i paid about 550 for it. like to get around $400.00 or so for it. i could do a trade, too.

here's some specs:

NEW compact handgun! The CZ P-01 is now available! After 3 years of some of the most aggressive small arms testing ever, the New CZ P-01 will be the successor to the CZ 75’s currently in use by the Czech National Police. The P-01 is based on the CZ 75, but with improvements in Metallurgy, quality control, and design. The components of the P-01 are completely interchangeable. This required some very careful re-design so that reliability and accuracy were not compromised. The P-01 is named to convey that this is a new pistol and a new level of quality and Reliability, the P-01 is the first New CZ of the New Millennium.

The P-01 features:
- A forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame for light but reliable day-to-day carry.
- A Hammer forged barrel for accuracy and durability.
- De-cocker action and a firing pin block for maximum safety.
- The P-01 is also equipped with an M3 rail to accept lights or lasers.
- Dual slide serrations for easy slide operation.
- Generous squared triggerguard for gloved hands.
- Re-contoured trigger for smoother, consistent trigger pulls
- Durable, chemical resistant, matte polycoat finish.
- Lanyard loop on butt.
- Checkered rubber grips and serrated front and back strap for superior handling.
- Easy disassembly for cleaning.

Product specifications

Price (MSRP) US$ 612.00
Product number (SKU) 01199

Ammo 9 mm LUGER
Magazine capacity 10
Rate of twist 1:9.7 in

Weight 1.7 lbs
Overall Length 7.2 in
Barrel Length 3.9 in
Height 5.3 in
Width 1.4 in

Frame light alloy
Grips rubber
Trigger mech. SA/DA
Sights fixed
Safety elements, safety
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thanks for the interest. anything else to trade?

i like the 30/30 idea, but i'm still open to cash or other trades, too.

I have a winchester model 54 in .270, but would need some cash with that pistol, interested?
Cz 75 P-01

Hey there Pirate, Do you syill have your P-01 for sale? Let me know. I also sent you a PM. I'm new on here so I will be checking back here often. Thanks.
Is this for sale still? If so, I'm interested in a purchase...
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