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D44 5x5.5 conversion

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I am in the middle of doing a J10 passenger side D44 5x5.5 conversion. I quit working on this Jeep for about 8-10 months while trying to sell my house and move out into the country and I have lost all my notes.

Here is the question.

I have the '79 Ford Rotors and hubs and the Chevy backing plates. So, what calipers should I use?

I found out that the '76 and '79 Chevy brake pads are the same. But the calipers are not. The '79 has a larger piston (or so it seems) than the '76. The '79 calipers also fit tighter to the rotor than the '76 does.

But, the '79 caliper doesn't accept the YJ brake lines. The '76 will. I think the '79 caliper is the way to go, but not sure what to do about the brake lines.

Any suggestions? I am sure there is alot of info in these pages, since this is where I got it all before, but with the search engine being down, I just don't have time to sift through all the pages. And I need to be in the garage instead of on the computer..... if you know what I mean. :D
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WEll, I am not trying to use the stock lines, I have a set of extended stainless brake lines that I am putting on it. I can grind out the area to be able to drop the brake lines in, but I was looking for a way around it.

You are right, the '79 caliper is the way to go. I am going to run out at lunch and look at some Chevy brake hoses in the same year and see how they compare to the stainless lines I have. I figure I can always just sell the lines I have. They are new and everything.

The more I open up the RE Extreme kit, the more I realize I spent more money than I should have on it. :mad3: I just ain't using hardly anything out of it except the springs. :shaking: Good kit though.
Alright, I got it figured out.

This is what I did to get my 5x5.5 conversion done on the '92 YJ

'78 or '79 J10 or Waggy D44 passenger side drop.
Chevy Spindles
stock Jeep Knuckle on Driver side, Chevy Flat top on passenger side w/ Parts Mike arm
'79 Ford rotor and hubs ( this is a set at autozone for $24.99 per side)
'76 Chevy 1/2 ton calipers ($14.99 at O'Reilly's or $13.99 at Autozone)
'76 or '79 pads (they are the same pads so you can pull either (Duralast Golds are $33.99 and O'Reilly's has their Premium Wagner pads for $55.99)

I am going to have to figure out what to do about the brake lines. I can use the braided lines I got in the RE Extreme lift kit, but I have to open up the hole a little, or have a custom hose made. I am pretty sure I know what I am doing :grinpimp:
No, I don't have part number, just asked for these parts, and that is what I paid.

And when you say twice that, are you talking about not having cores? That would drive the price up on the caliper. When I looked for the Ford rotors and hubs, have them look up the rotors, and they had the hubs attached, or vise versa.

I have a set of used rotors and hubs, but may not be worth shipping.
DevinB said:
Would it be any different for a '89 driver's drop waggy D44, besides knuckles?
No. I started doing this conversion on a '91 Waggy front, but found a passenger side drop, and figured I would put the D300 I had on the floor to use and moved it over.

One more reason it took me so long to get this axle built. :shaking:
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