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d44 front with Toy outers???

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Has anyone done this? After a lot of experience watching both in acton, I definately feel that the d44 has the stronger r&p and housing but given aftermarket options, the Toy has the stronger joint. I know it used to be the other way around, but I guess that's what 300m and chromo does for ya! :)

Anyway, if someone hasn't done it yet, is it feasable? Welding the Toy knuckles into the d44 tubes doesn't seem like it would be a big deal at all.

J. J.
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We asked Bobby about regular D44 Longs about a year ago. There's room in the knuckle, but not enough room in the spindle hole in the knuckle to actually put the Long in. A Ford outer is slightly bigger than a Chevy outer, but you'd still have to have a Long that is smaller than the Toyota mini Longfield.

You would need custom shafts. The pressure angle is close enough for D44 shafts to fit in a toy 3rd, but not vice versa for some reason...... I haven't tried personally but have read it several times in the toy forum.
I wonder if you could run 30-spline 10-bolt side gears in your locker/carrier to get a 45º pressure angle to match the Long chromo inners?
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