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d44 front with Toy outers???

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Has anyone done this? After a lot of experience watching both in acton, I definately feel that the d44 has the stronger r&p and housing but given aftermarket options, the Toy has the stronger joint. I know it used to be the other way around, but I guess that's what 300m and chromo does for ya! :)

Anyway, if someone hasn't done it yet, is it feasable? Welding the Toy knuckles into the d44 tubes doesn't seem like it would be a big deal at all.

J. J.
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You would need custom shafts. The pressure angle is close enough for D44 shafts to fit in a toy 3rd, but not vice versa for some reason...... I haven't tried personally but have read it several times in the toy forum.
I think you'd be money ahead to use a front housing from a 40 or 60 series landcruiser. The r&p is stronger than a d44, and importantly if your going cheap the carrier is stronger so an aussie locker will not deflect and blow it up. I think the idea of toy outers on a 44 is interesting, but I don't see it becoming popular as the toy diffs are a much more user friendly design. And cheap. I think I heard rumors of a longfield for the rubicon 44 front. I'm not sure if thats accurate, but if so I think that would make a fairly stout axle for a smaller tired rig.

I say build one and we'll see how it works!!
Yes, he's working on one for the unit bearing D30's and rubi D44's. A birf will not fit in a standard D44 knuckle.
cuz that is not the topic in this thread.

AKA, he wants to combine 2 cheap axles to make one that is stronger as a whole than each individually. also, the fact that i think he has the parts to do it laying around. i say go for it. if you dont i think i will! if a toy side gear will fit into a dana44 carrier you could weld it up..... time to start crunching numbers.
Does the D60 long work in unit bearing applications?
i would be more than willing to take the knuckle off in order to fit larger birfield into the D44 knuckle. is that the only problem? if so, it seems to me that its easily overcome by just taking the knuckle off to install them.

You wouldn't be able to get the knuckle back on though.
Exactly, unless they have a Kingpin D44 or those new flexible unobtainium ball joints.:rolleyes:
The kingpin D44's won't even clear a 760 ujoint.
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