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d44 front with Toy outers???

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Has anyone done this? After a lot of experience watching both in acton, I definately feel that the d44 has the stronger r&p and housing but given aftermarket options, the Toy has the stronger joint. I know it used to be the other way around, but I guess that's what 300m and chromo does for ya! :)

Anyway, if someone hasn't done it yet, is it feasable? Welding the Toy knuckles into the d44 tubes doesn't seem like it would be a big deal at all.

J. J.
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i think he is thinking cheap.

like i said in the other thread i think it would work if you machined the end of the d44 tubes or just butt welded it with some ball gussets. hell, anything would be stronger than a stock toy housing. also you can pick up d44 parts for cheap seeing as how everyone is going bigger.
why not get a d50 out of a superduty and run the 60 long:confused:
cuz that is not the topic in this thread.

AKA, he wants to combine 2 cheap axles to make one that is stronger as a whole than each individually. also, the fact that i think he has the parts to do it laying around. i say go for it. if you dont i think i will! if a toy side gear will fit into a dana44 carrier you could weld it up..... time to start crunching numbers.
toy side gears and welded to a D44 carrier.
If they dont fit, surely a machinist could take them down or make a bushing.

then its just getting tube lengths right and making the OEM 44 carrier Survive.

I like the idea.

Fj40 balls and outer knuckles are the same as minitrucks correct?
yeah that is what i posted just above you. i have a machinist buddy that can make me a d44 spool then broach it for toy splines for free. it would be made of 4340 cromo. also, if i get an arb and take it apart he can make the part i would need with custom side gears out of 4140 or 4340..... i think i am going to start cutting and see where it gets me.
Interesting idea, but it sounds like you're polishing 2 turds instead of just getting a D60 or building a 9/60 and not having a custer of an axle with one-off parts. Especially if you're gonna put a spool in it, I see:nuke: already with anything bigger than 37's and actually getting wheeled.

i dont care...i have all the parts and it would be next to free. if it dont work i will sell the longs and get a d60...

also, i would run 36's
sure, i get board and just want to tinker with something. i also have my other rig i can wheel. once you go so big you have to look real hard for a challenge. when your small and nimble everything is a challenge.
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