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D44 HP w/disco????

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A guy at my local dealer says he has a D44 with vacuum disco that also has drivers side drop and high pinion. He says he doesn't know what it came out of and it will take a couple of days for him to get me the WMS spacings. He says it's a 5x5.5 pattern.

I don't mind cutting the housing down or even retubing and getting rid of the disco, but what the heck would this have come out of? Or has he been drinking his bath water?

Yes, I know D44's aren't as good as D60's but I don't have the $$$ to do a D60 right now. I also did a fair amount of searching for the D44 w/disco. One site said something about a waggy in the early 80's.
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Some wagoneers have the vac disconnect, but they are not high pinion. Only thing HP 44's come in is Fords, and I've never heard of one with a vac disconnect
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