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Does Anyone Know The Quality Of Harsh Terrain D44 Hysteer Arm And Thier Machine Work On Knuckle's?
I ran Across Them On Ebay They Offer The Machining And Drilling And Tapping Of My Knuckle For 58.95 And The Pass Side Arm For 60$

I am looking for good quality parts and machine work to go along with them.

It says

" These steering arms are manufuctured by a leading supplier to the four wheel drive industry, the quality of this product is outstanding. These steering arms are CNC machined for a precision fit. The material is 1018 cold rolled billet steel."

Does Anyone Know AnyThing About This Outfit? Is There Another For Cheaper Thats Got A Good Product/Machine Work

Im Looking To Install Crossover On A Chevy D44 Got My F/T Knuckle Just Need To Find A Good Deal On A Arm + Machine Work.

Id Apreciate Any Info Or A Source For Gooe MachineWork And If Its Cheaper Thats Cool Too.
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