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D60 Front brakes w/15inch rims

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I'm trying to figure this out. So some help would be great...

I tore apart the D60 today and looked at the brackets.
The Dana 44 brake brackets fit on there perfectly. Bolt pattern and all.
The only thing I would have to do is get the ID milled out bigger to match the D60 brackets (not a big deal), so the spindle with fit through correctly.

What I'm not sure about is the OD of the 8 lug 3/4ton rotors.
They are 12.5OD and 1.25inches thick.
I won't know if they'll fit into the 3/4 ton calipers untill I get the brackets milled out and the spindle bolted back up with the rotor on.

I had our chevy plow truck in the shop and it has a Dana 44 with 8 lug 3/4 ton outers. The calipers are a different design and the rotors are different from the fords also. They measure 1.5" from the hub surface to where the brake contacts the rotor. The Ford is 2.0"

The Dana 44 brake bracket is 3/8" thick at the mounting surface of the spindle/knuckle. The Dana 60 is 1/2" thick.

Considering the caliper floats on the brackets, I measured and I'm assuming that I won't need a 1/4" or 5/16" spacer like Bronco75 needed for his GM rotors and calipers.

Tell me what you think. Should i get the D44 brackets milled out and go from there or is there a way to do it that I couldn't find through a search on this website....I would much rather get this D60 under my truck then the D44. Plus, the sooner I get this figured out the sooner I can start on four linking the axle into my truck.
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you have to be a paying member to use search.

with grinding anything will fit.
I went into the tech dep. and searched in there. Came up with a ton of different threads on the topic. Plus searching can also be looking through pages and pages of old threads..... your post was no help, thanks.
why dont u just grind the braket and caliper? that is what i always do and i've never had a problem.
Isn't it better to have the ID of the D44 bracket a close tolerance fit like the D60 bracket around the spindle?

I'm open to anything, just curious as to what people think.
wanderer-RRORC was right.

I figured it'd be best to support the site and all the info it yields.
I paid the membership fee.

now it time to start searching!!!:D
Just grind the dana 60 calipers. Cheap, easy, effective:shaking:
So, whats your Goal? Just to get 15 inch wheels on a 60?
Their are many ways to do it with all the different apps.
What 60 do you have, with what style of brakes?
wanderer-RRORC was right.

I figured it'd be best to support the site and all the info it yields.
I paid the membership fee.

now it time to start searching!!!:D
alrighty..since ya paid...:D

yes...15's will fit..you need 3.50-3.75 backspacing...I couldnt get EITHER one without a 6month estimated wait from summit..so I got these with a 4in BS..ground about 1/8 to 1/4 into my HD 44 (8lug) and in about 1 in...took about 20-30min per side..didnt want to take too much off...

rims I ordered-$31.99 each..im gonna beadlock them..so it didnt matter if they were fancy..

EDIT...(somehow it only [/url'd] the first half of the link)

crappy pix of clearance..
EDIT..Dam..site is down...hold on a second..

lets see if this works..

there...thats a LITTLE better...:shaking:
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It is from a 78 Ford or so. Honestly i forget the year.

Its a Kingpin style with the really fat inner C's.

Here are a few pictures....

welndmn: I'd prefer to use D44 calipers b/c i doubt my master cylinder has the volume for the dual piston D60 calipers. I could possibly change MC's around when the 302 is in, but i wanna hit paragon in april before the 302 swap.


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ford used the same dual piston caliper and rotor on d44 and d60
to run a 15" rim you have to use a fairly extreme offset
my d44 was ground for a normal offset 15" and now spits the spring retainer clips out of the caliper
I haven't been able to work on grinding those brackets out the past couple days. Been building a new tailgate for our dumptruck (F-350 w/dump body). So that past two days i've been grinding and welding that up. My freakin hand is killing me from using the grinder for grinding and cutting parts off the old tailgate.

I did however sit on my ass and surf Summit's website for rims.

This is what i found in 15x10 w/8x6.5 bolt pattern:
-bare (aka no paint) "U.S. Wheel" w/ 2.5" BS for ~$55
-"Crager" Black D window w/4" BS for ~$67

The rest are ugly and just the same as the two above. I think i'm gonna order both and just return whichever i don't like...

wanderer-RRORC: I couldn't get that link to work correctly. Though i might be retarded...:flipoff2:

I did order my 2"x.25"wall DOM yesterday for my lower links. Got about 20 Feet b/c i know I'll be doing the rear sometime. Is 10 bucks a foot to much?
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Also remember, given that backspacing is the same, you have more room to play with using a steel rim than an alum rim (which are thicker).
wanderer-RRORC: I couldn't get that link to work correctly. Though i might be retarded...:flipoff2:
didnt link right..fixed now..


and 2.5 is ALOT of BS for the bearings to handle..alot of weight on the outside edge of the rim...
Here's what I have on my ford d60:
-chevy 1/2 ton calipers
-chevy 1/2 caliper brackets cut up and welded to the ford 60 caliper bracket center
-turned down d60 rotors about 1/8-1/4" on my ******* lathe (don't ask)
-steel 15x10 wagon wheels with 4.75" Backspacing from summit

I believe some vendors make the braket now for the chevy calipers.
OK, I'm very tired right now so bare with me. Long day at work and spent a while on the axle. :zzz:

I got that Dana 44 bracket grinded out to match the Dana60 ID.

I cannot for the life of me get that D44 caliper to fit on it (bracket offset out or in) without some SERIOUS grinding of the knuckle, underside of caliper bracket(near rotor) and the belly of the caliper (near the knuckle when mounted).

As Danger Ranger did, i would need to use a lathe to take off about a 1/8-1/4 from the OD of the rotor, 12.5inches is just to big.

Speaking of rotors, I got a chevy rotor and a ford rotor to see which fit with different combinations. (Ford 2.0", Chevy 1.5")

I'm gonna look at everything again tomorrow. I don't have work and I'll be rested and have more energy. (damn I sound old). At this point with how much time I have wasted I should have just bought the brackets from one of the venders. I'll give it one more day before I give up this battle.

I agree, 2.5 BS is ridiculous. The damn front end will be 87inches wide. I don't even know how wide our construction trailer is.
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Bought the brake brackets from Blackbirdcustoms for 80bucks. I'm assuming they use 1/2ton chevy calipers and rotors.

Ordered the Cragar 15x10s w/ 4"BS, 8 lug 6.5 pattern from summit also.
They didn't make the US Wheel 97series in an 8lug, so i couldn't match my rear rims

Cut and grinded off the extra bullshit on the axle tubes too.

Gettin there, slowly...
i know its probably a lil; late now but when i put the 8 lug rotors on my half tonn knuckles i just ground out about 1/4" from the inside of the caliper to allow the caliper to fit over the rotor.
when i went to swap to the 3/4 tonn knuckles i found out that the calipers wouldnt work anyways because the half tonn knuckles have an indentation to allow the caliper to sit where it needs to..
long story short
just grind down the dual pistons
i have 4.5 inch bs and it took about 1/4 off about 1.5" in

i know itsa not much help but thats my story
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