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I've had a D70 front axle sitting in a parts truck for awhile, and thought I should at least investigate it.

There isn't alot of info out there about them (the old closed knuckle ones) so I thought I would post what I've found and ask some questions while I'm at. Hopefully there can be some more info posted up also.

Here is the best info I've found so far, http://77cj.littlekeylime.com/Dana70.htm

Axle is from a '73 Dodge w200.

21 spline outers with tracta-joints. 35 spline inners. The outers are only 23 spline, but they are 1.29" at the smallest diameter.

One thing I wanted to clear up that I have read in other posts about these front axles, is that they DO have an inner axle seal (at least mine anyway). I've seen it said before that they don't. This is good news to me as now this axle is a prime candidate to setup for rear steer.

This is what I want to do with mine, use it for rear steer. I was hoping it would have spicer joints and I could just upgrade the shafts and outers and call it good, but I don't know how well the tracta joints would hold up, or the shafts themselves.

Has anyone changed one of these monsters over from tracta joints to u-joints? I've seen a little info and I know the knuckle will need reliefs cut into it for the shafts to fit through. I've seen pics on another website (can't find it now, but I think the owner is a member here) of a D60 35 spline outer in a D70 front spindle. Also, it looked as though he had a 35spl drive flange made from a 30spl D60 flange, and that it would just need a spacer to make it work with the hub.

Pics coming tomorrow after I go pick up yet another parts truck :)
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